Do you remember when we danced together once upon a dream?

That time in the middle of your living room?

I pretended that the lightbulb was a moon, a small moon that kept cutting out.

And that the candles on the mantlepiece were subjects in our kingdom.

Remember how when it was all over you fell onto the sofa,

with a fag in one hand and a glass of whisky in the other.

Through the shroud of smoke I thought how your crooked smile was beautiful.

And when the sun started to rise your offered me your hand,

but I amputated it by accident.

I have danced in many forests since, where the moons aren’t broken lightbulbs.

Where charmers more charming have demanded to know my price.

And I’ve stood in the depths of rivers among the sirens,

waiting for a young sailor to float at my feet.

Time has since passed and I’ve seen through the looking glass,

that you finally found your princess proper.

When you offerred her your stump she gladly stitched it to her fingers.

Each night your skin marries together in our kingdom,

and I bet you don’t even remember how we danced once upon a dream.