Dreaming Beauty

I slept for a hundred years before you arrived,

with your sweet nothings and dragon by your side.

I thought I had locked the tower doors and sealed the windows shut.

I thought the thorns outside were sharp enough to keep your kind out,

but you were determined to interrupt my slumber. 


For a hundred years I soundly slept, 

all of that time I dreamt.

I dreamt I was the commander of a fleet of fairies.

I dreamt I was a pirate who sliced sharks stomachs. 

I dreamt that I was a giant with swords for fingernails. 


Tell me Prince Charming can you compensate for the worlds you have stolen? 

I suppose I should choose a suitable sunset,

and run with you into it.

I suppose we should gallop through the forest on your horse,

then I will leave my bed for yours. 


Now I shan't sleep for a hundred years,

you put a stop to that with your kiss. 

In time my dreams will cease,

and I will be remembered as that sleeping beauty.

When they tell my story they will neglect to mention,

that I was once a commander, a pirate and a giant.