The man in the moon

I saw him in the stars hanging over the hills,

against the purple veil of night.

He was a hundred different fairy tales I believed in.

I saw him in the raven who came to my door,

to reassure me that I was beautiful.


I saw him riding his horse out of the dark, delivering dreams,

into the eager hands of young maidens.

He breathed life into them before he killed them.

He placed one hand on my shoulder and awoke my passions.

I saw him in the picture of lover’s, holding each other.


I saw him in the magician casting healing spells,

he unravelled the sky to reveal a host of wizards.

They struck our path and set it on fire.

I saw him in the black dog they sent to bite at my feet,

before he disappeared he vowed me refuge beneath his vanishing wings.


I saw him in the rainbow hanging over the coastal trail,

he was beautiful like the sun.

We fell in love with his image rippling in the water.

I reached out to him but he was dead,

 he was always dead.