Don't blame the sea witch

I am a mermaid but I have no voice with which to sing.

Petals collect beneath me.

The prince vowed he loved me when I saved him from the sea.

 He loves me,he loves me not, he loves me.


He held me down upon his bed,

he dug one hand down my throat and stole my most precious gift.

Capturing my voice in a jar, he screwed the lid air tight,

concealing it inside walls of glass.


He hid the jar upon the top shelf next to the others,

a collection of girls never heard.

Women whose vocal chords had been cut with fear,

yet nobody sees but I for we are all so quiet.


Shh now, shhh now, so that we don't disturb the sweet penetrating silence.

 Ssh now, shut your mouth, in case somebody discovers our secret.


I am a mermaid with a voice with which to sing,

I reclaimed it from the hands of the prince.

 I cannot be quiet,

 I will sing for all the women.