The Huntsman's Heart

I gave my heart to the huntsman in exchange for a shiny red apple.

It was delicious, like his pretty smile. 

My stepmother taught him well how to charm the organs out of love struck girls.

I gave my heart to the huntsman in exchange for a black hole.

From my chest I extracted a messy bleeding lump to satisfy his lust.

But he had nothing to give in return. 

No not one bloody chamber.

Not one pulsating vein. 

Just a hollow space where romance passed to die,

like a short sighted fool.

As I watched him flee the woods with my heart in tow,

my face it drained as white as snow. 

I gave my heart to the huntsman in exchange for a glass coffin.

Some methodone to ease the pain,

and a Valium to help me sleep at night.

Dreaming Beauty

I slept for a hundred years before you arrived,

with your sweet nothings and dragon by your side.

I thought I had locked the tower doors and sealed the windows shut.

I thought the thorns outside were sharp enough to keep your kind out,

but you were determined to interrupt my slumber. 


For a hundred years I soundly slept, 

all of that time I dreamt.

I dreamt I was the commander of a fleet of fairies.

I dreamt I was a pirate who sliced sharks stomachs. 

I dreamt that I was a giant with swords for fingernails. 


Tell me Prince Charming can you compensate for the worlds you have stolen? 

I suppose I should choose a suitable sunset,

and run with you into it.

I suppose we should gallop through the forest on your horse,

then I will leave my bed for yours. 


Now I shan't sleep for a hundred years,

you put a stop to that with your kiss. 

In time my dreams will cease,

and I will be remembered as that sleeping beauty.

When they tell my story they will neglect to mention,

that I was once a commander, a pirate and a giant.


The man in the moon

I saw him in the stars hanging over the hills,

against the purple veil of night.

He was a hundred different fairy tales I believed in.

I saw him in the raven who came to my door,

to reassure me that I was beautiful.


I saw him riding his horse out of the dark, delivering dreams,

into the eager hands of young maidens.

He breathed life into them before he killed them.

He placed one hand on my shoulder and awoke my passions.

I saw him in the picture of lover’s, holding each other.


I saw him in the magician casting healing spells,

he unravelled the sky to reveal a host of wizards.

They struck our path and set it on fire.

I saw him in the black dog they sent to bite at my feet,

before he disappeared he vowed me refuge beneath his vanishing wings.


I saw him in the rainbow hanging over the coastal trail,

he was beautiful like the sun.

We fell in love with his image rippling in the water.

I reached out to him but he was dead,

 he was always dead. 

Don't blame the sea witch

I am a mermaid but I have no voice with which to sing.

Petals collect beneath me.

The prince vowed he loved me when I saved him from the sea.

 He loves me,he loves me not, he loves me.


He held me down upon his bed,

he dug one hand down my throat and stole my most precious gift.

Capturing my voice in a jar, he screwed the lid air tight,

concealing it inside walls of glass.


He hid the jar upon the top shelf next to the others,

a collection of girls never heard.

Women whose vocal chords had been cut with fear,

yet nobody sees but I for we are all so quiet.


Shh now, shhh now, so that we don't disturb the sweet penetrating silence.

 Ssh now, shut your mouth, in case somebody discovers our secret.


I am a mermaid with a voice with which to sing,

I reclaimed it from the hands of the prince.

 I cannot be quiet,

 I will sing for all the women.

A love poem to the sea

I painted the wall blue and imagined I was back with you.

I gave you my troubles.

You caressed them, smoothed them, kissed them until they were softer and I could bear them.

You offered  them back to me wrapped in green silk.


I painted the wall blue and daydreamed I was back with you.

Looking out I saw the moon dancing upon your back,

leaving a path of froth with every footstep.

I stuck out my toes to touch you but I felt nothing.


I looked at the wall,

I could not see the sand, so I painted a thousand grains of yellow,

I could not see the birds so I painted them too, white dots hovering above you,

but I could not hear them.


I painted the wall blue and hoped someday I would be back with you.

I gave my troubles to the city for a time,

to hold, to transform and to keep safe,

until we can be together again.